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In our view, in life there a few things that are needed, education, getting educated and the strength to get through education. All children have the right to be educated, and to be supported by the schools, teachers and their families, even if they have a Learning Difficulty.


Our vision for the future is to see mind sets of teaching faculty, parents and non LD children to nurture and guide other who have Learning Difficulties. This is not easy and I hope by sharing my experiences I can better themselves to deal with the area of Learning Difficulties.


I believe that discriminating a child for a learning disability is not fair. All children and adults have a Unique Ability, if not found then they need to look for it. Exam results will not ever show you true potential of people and their capabilities for achievement. I am one who never shone through exams and it was easy for others to label me, and children like me.


Every child wants to learn but sometimes the environment in their school and the lack of empathy towards learning difficulties make children hate going to school, this needs to be changed. By the support and nurturing from their families, schools, every child can walk through life with whatever disabilities they have.


“Whatever positive differences can be made, should be made as you will never know what impact it really is for a child with Learning Difficulties.” – Kabir Bhogilal



  • All children have a right to fair education and not to be discriminated.

  • Children and adults all have a UNIQUE ABILITY.

  • Judging a child only by exam results will not always show you their true potential and their capabilities for achievement