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  Deepa Chowgule

Goa Dyslexia Association

Unique Ability Consulting helps create awareness about dyslexia and helps promote advocacy about issues related to slow learning on account of dyslexia. Unique Ability Consulting does this by assembling teams of professionals including teachers and research scholars to make cutting edge thinking and practice accessible to students, teachers, parents and managements of institutions. Goa Dyslexia Association (GDA), established in March 2015 is a young organization which has benefited greatly from the help of Unique Ability Consulting in its inception year. Unique Ability Consulting has made its teams of professionals available to GDA to help create awareness in Goa successfully.


GDA and Unique Ability Consulting have pioneered awareness campaigns in Goa, about Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Assistive Technology.


Kabir Bhogilal has been the driving force of UAC. He has been able to spread a wide knowledge on the issues with living with Dyslexia. He has found new technologies to help reading which are not used within our education system.


We instituted a pilot program at St. Joseph Primary School in Baina, Goa testing in regular use Assistive Technology software. It is a huge success and other schools from Goa are trying to implement the same in consultation with us.


I am happy that UAC is working with us to enhance the knowledge in Learning Difficulties.