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  David Banes

Director of David Banes Access and Inclusion Services and was formerly CEO, at Mada the Qatar Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center, Doha, Qatar.


Dyslexia is a condition that many do not recognise and are not aware of. Yet it can seriously damage a child’s education and limit their life opportunities as a result. It has been my pleasure to work with and support Kabir in his mission to raise awareness not only of the condition itself, but how it can be accommodated in the classroom and therefore how life chances can be improved. Kabir’s personal experience gives him remarkable insight into the impact of Dyslexia, and how schools, employers and families can best support these needs. His willingness to draw upon international experience, coupled with an understanding of the culture and needs in India, to support people through a range of simple and low cost technologies, teaching strategies and accommodations offers a great opportunity to change lives of people with Dyslexia in India.